3rd Machine w/ Selfmachine & Hibakusha

06/03/2017 22:25

3rd Machine w/ Selfmachine & Hibakusha

P60 Amstelveen NL | 14.01.2017


On Saturday the 14th of January, Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash was attending a headline show of 3rd Machine at the P60 venue. The support acts were Selfmachine and Hibakusha. Around 20:00 the venue opened and we were one of the first to be there.

Hibakusha hails from Haarlem in the north western part from the Netherlands. The members are: Twan (Vocals), Ruben (Guitar), Jochem (Guitar), Sjoerd (Bass) and Eddo (Drums). The band was founded as a 4-piece band and later on, the band got a fifth member in the figure of the vocalist Twan. In the end of 2015, the band’s first ever album called ‘Incarnation’ was released. To promote the release of the album, Hibakusha did a release-show at the Patronaat venue in Haarlem, Melkweg in Amsterdam and the outdoor festival Fortarock 2016 and Hibakusha shared the stage with giants Gojira, Textures and Hacktivist. On the 14th of January, P60 was the next venue to be crushed. The guys looked like they were enthusiastic towards the gig. 20:30 was the stage time for the guys of Hibakusha and it was quiet in the venue to be honest.  The band played perfectly and set the tone for the rest of the evening. The influences of Hibakusha are very Meshuggah-like. Screaming, neck breaking grooves and a lot of brutal guitar work has been thrown at me during their performance. Even though the venue wasn’t filled, the band received great responds from the audience.

Around 21:30, Selfmachine turned up on the stage. The band is located in Tilburg/Amsterdam. The band consist of Steven Leijen (Lead Vocals), Mark Brekelmans (Bass), Michael Hansen (Guitar), John Brok (Lead Guitar) and Ben Schepers (Drums). The band gets inspiration from bands like Soilwork, Periphery, Killswitch Engage, Threat Signal and Sevendust. In 2014 the band released ‘Broadcast Your Identity’. The album was received with great positive reviews. It was even called ‘The best Dutch album of the Year’ by the website Global Metal Apocalypse. Selfmachine stared their European tour as a support act for the bands The Agonist and Ferium in March 2015. Selfmachine thinks that every gig should be an experience on its own. When the band took the stage everything was quite calm. But the audience that was present in the P60, enjoyed every second of Selfmachine. Groove and melodic riffs. That gives the Selfmachine its unique and modern metal sound. On the 17th of March, Selfmachine is doing their job at the famous Melkweg venue in the heart of Amsterdam, where they are going to present their album. 

Around 22:30, the guys from Haarlem called 3rd Machine took the stage. The band consist out of five experienced members, each with a vast amount of knowledge of the (Dutch) metalscene. The band started out with styles where music genres like metalcore and djent didn’t exist yet. Eventually the band started making their own style and that is Metal with a capital letter M! To complete the evening, Jeffrey Rademakers (Vocalist of Spartan and Gorged) was asked to do some guest appearances. The gentlemen have made a name, especially with their debut album ‘Quantified Self’. That debut got a lot of praise from the local media. Of course this record was played live during their set. The guys from 3rd Machine enjoyed life on stage by looking at their performance. Metal was mixed up with industrial riffwork and melodic intermezzo’s. It wasn’t busy in the venue but the band and audience enjoyed every second of it. Sadly I couldn’t stay too long but I really enjoyed the show.

Review done by: Dirk Kremers of Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash