666 Shades Of Shit - Bitchagram Review

05/01/2017 16:10
666 Shades Of Shit - Bitchagram
So I have the pleasure to review this pretty brutal album.
I'm talking about '666 Shades Of Shit' and their new and first full length album 'Bitchagram'
Interesting title by the way, not to mention the band name, fucking great!
As we all know Dutch gore grind kills so I hope this one does too.
Listening to the opening track 'Shithead' it DOES deliver. It starts with a funny little circus like intro followed by 'blasting in your face' goregrind, I'm already liking this.
Next up 'Burp' ..indeed I like the vocals.. it has a groovy mid tempo combined with awesome blasts.
I wasn't too familiar with this band but I'm glad that I checked it out, I'm starting to really get into this one. The production is pretty good which is a big plus... I mean, goregrind supposed to sound a bit gritty which it still does on this album.
I arrived at the track 'Bullfight' and had a laugh with the intro. Dutch people will probably understand why. With that being said, another sick little track.
'Analeashed' reminds me of old school Rompeprop, fuck I'm digging this.. put your dancing shoes on!
Would love to know the lyrics on 'Kont Harmonica' I just know it has to be fucking good but as with most goregrind you can't understand a single word, gutturals, gurgling, cricket sounds you name it it's in there. 
The last track 'Anus Nanuk' is a Gutalax cover done very well, short, sweet and groovy as fuck like goregrind is suppose to be!
To wrap it all up, if you are into this kind of metal like Rompeprop, Rectal Smegma, Gutalax and so on you should really check this shit out you won't regret it.
In Grind We Trust!
Written by Ferry Wolters