Album Review Neocaesar - 11:11

06/03/2017 21:53

Album review Neocaesar - 11:11

Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash | Reviewed by Dirk Kremers

Neocaesar is a new generation of Dutch death metal. The band was founded by Mike Mastrigt and Bart Wallenberg, consisting of former members of Sinister. The other members include; Eric de Windt and Michel Alder beloved. Recently the guys have released a first album called; 11:11, we were also given the opportunity to listen to the plate and reviewing. Eventually I got to give the job to an opinion about the album. I am the plate so go check thoroughly what I have to say about it is this; The debut is a worthy release, the board will hear a solid dark death metal sound. It is also clearly audible that members have real playing experience, the instruments and vocals are well governed only sounds somewhat monotonous all. It is unfortunate that experimenting little on the plate, there is little heard of variety in instrumental field and in the vocal line. Furthermore, the album sounds good raw and firm, and for a first release, this is not a bad album. Moreover, the plate has a running time of 44 who love Cannibal Corpse albums and Hate, Diabolical Summoning and Aggressive Measures Sinister will appreciate certainly know this record. The artwork looks a bit boring, the cover looks to my mind quite busy and complicated. This was for me a bit simpler and may be more noticeable. A small improvement tip So for the next artwork.

Rating 70/100


Release date: 26 February 2017 | Recorded in Hoogvliet and Spijkenisse, The Netherlands |

All music and lyrics by Neocaesar | Produced by Bart Wallenberg | Mastered by Bart Wallenberg | Cover & Layout: concept by Mike Mastrigt | Backing vocals on Victims of Deception by Linda Schulte



1. Novum Initium (Intro)

2. From Hell

3. Victims Of Deception

4. Invocation Of The Watcher

5. Sworn To Hate

6. Valhalla Rising

7. Prelude To Darkness

8. Angelic Carnage

9. Sigillorum Satanas (Instrumental)

10. Blood Of The Nephilim