Bodyfarm - Battle Breed Review

12/12/2015 10:19
Written by Patrick Klos for
Bodyfarm - Battle Breed
Thomas Wouters: Vocals, Guitar
Bram Hilhorst     : Guitar
Alex Seegers     : Bassguitar
Quint Meerbeek : Drums
The atmospheric intro Hell March from Clemens Wijers ( Carach Angren ) sets the tone of this 3rd album of Bodyfarm, dark and aggressive. 
Then the band kick's of with 'the Dark Age' with guestvocals from Martin van Drunen with their melodic uptempo death metal. 
Every song on this album tells a battle story, so is 'Death by Fire' about the war in Vietnam. 'Prince of Wallachia' about Vlad Tepes, 'the Last Crusade' deals with the crusades. 
'Wolfpack' is a song about the German submarines. 'Storming Revolution' tells the story of the French Revolution, while 'the Dark Age' is about the period of chaos in Europe after the Roman Empire fell.
So Bodyfarm delivers their 3rd full length album in 6 years, after I heard this album I just press play again and again. 
The sound and mixing is all in balance and the vocals are aggressive but good to follow. Just love this kind of deathmetal, you just can't sit still listening this great album. 
Hell March (intro)
the Dark Age
Saxon Victory
Dawn of Defeat
the Last Crusade
Prince of Wallachia
Storming Revolution
Firing Squad
Death by Fire
Slaves of War (bonustrack on digipack)