Dehumanization - Meat Exposition Review

16/04/2014 13:10
Dehumanization - Meat Exposition Review
Written by Ferry Wolters (BSB) for
Chances are you haven't heard of Dehumanization, so let me introduce you.. 
Dehumanization are a 5 piece brutal slamming death metal band from Goes, The Netherlands. Forming in 2009 and having only uploaded a few tracks on Soundcloud to date, 'Meat Exposition' is their first album released by the German label Morbid Generation. I've been following these guys for a while already and I'm looking forward to this album.
Dehumanization is....
Loek Van Der Drift - Vocals
Mike Hoogesteger - Guitar
Stijn Gertzen - Guitar
Mike Boogaard - Bass
Huub Catshoek - Drums
The album begins with the title track 'Meat Exposition'. After a short intro from a movie the blastbeats thunder out of my speakers followed by some heavy groovy slams. The sound is very brutal and far better then the other demo/promo material I've heard previously plus I have to say... those are some serious gutturals, yes this is definitely my kinda metal.
Track two 'My Favourite Sextoy (Is a Chainsaw)' I've heard before as a demo version, but this one sounds way more brutal though, groovy as fuck!
'Fucked Like a Dog Killed Like a Pig' the third track on this album I've heard before too, but again this is much better quality, VERY heavy. The vocals are pretty damn sick.. deep/low gutturals and high pig squeels.. gotta love it! 
Track four 'Necrophilic Mass Desecration' is a nice example of proper slamming death metal. It's got hyper blastbeats, sick gutturals and it has the heavy slamming groove that makes you wanna drop hammers.. the drummer is working hard that's for sure.
'Abondoned' starts off with a groovy riff followed by a tasty blastbeat and and a couple of slamming grooves, put on your dancing shoes cause you can't stay motionless on this one.. which brings me to possibly my favorite track on this album 'Rotten Rectum Rape' ..this song is just good times from beginning to end, it's put together like a delicious fucking slam sandwich with all the good stuff that you want out of this genre, well done!
Track seven 'Give Birth To My Fist' takes a more traditional and technical approach than the other songs on 'Meat Exposition' ..don't get me wrong, it's still brutal as it can be with the on going sickening gutturals, love it! 
'Crowbar Violation' is another piece of groovy slamming brutality, damn! this makes you wanna stomp a hole in the ground.. definitely another one of my favourites on this album.
The last track 'Slamming Riffs And Footlong Spliffs' is totally different than the rest, reminds of good old grindcore in the likes of Rompeprop.. a nice little twist this is!
After hearing the whole album I must say I'm quite impressed and certainly satisfied by Dehumanization's first full album, good job guys.
If you like your metal HEAVY or you're into bands like Kraanium, Turbidity, 'old school' Devourment and such I highly recommend you get your hands on this album. 'Meat Exposition' will be send to press next month in May so be patient, you'll only have to wait just little bit longer. But for now, check out this little album teaser so you know exactly what I'm talking about. Very tasty stuff indeed...
I rate 'Meat Exposition'  9/10
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