Destitution - Beware The Fury of The Patient Man - Review

23/05/2014 16:57
Written by Ferry Wolters (BSB) for
Destitution formed in 2007 but for those who don't know this band let me give you some info.
Destitution is a 4 piece band hailing from Groningen, The Netherlands and their sole objective is to deliver old school thrash metal. They recorded their first Promo in 2009 and released their first EP 'The Human Error' in 2011 at Soundlodge Studios in Germany. In 2013 They returned to Soundlodge Studios to record their first full length album 'Beware The Fury of The Patient Man' and on May 12th this year they released this monumental thrash beast....
Destitution is:
Emiel van der Ploeg - guitar and vocals
Geert van der Laan - guitar
Robert Schutte - bass
Tristan Sievers - drums
Before I place the disc in my stereo I take a moment to soak in the awesome cover art. It was hand drawn by British artist Dan Capp and I must say... it looks pretty damn sick and certainly fits their musical style and lyrics which addresses the worlds lack of humanity, the evils of money, media propaganda, and technology prevailing above all other things, in other words, a world gone to shit... 
The first song on this album 'Mr. Greedy' starts with a nice little riff, the first thing that comes to mind is the German band Kreator, which isn't a bad thing at all. It has a real old school thrash feel to it, but it makes me glad that there are still bands out there that play this style of metal, and play it well!
Track 2 'Alcathrash' again a tasty slice of thrash that takes you back to a time when thrash reigned supreme. It flows nicely from a high tempo to mid tempo and back and I just love the vocals.. even that sounds old school.
Next up is 'Criticize' and it picks up the pace straight away, there are so many awesome bands I can hear in their style (Kreator, Metallica, Exodus, Slayer) and it makes the whole thing so much fun, fucking great!
'Rhythm of Horses' the fourth track on 'Beware The Fury of The Patient Man' ...simply awesome how this track starts, it just makes you wanna bang your head and mosh around, so far one of my favourites. 'Western Civilization' is a brief interlude which allows you to catch your breath and give those neck muscles a rest, but not for long because 'Vigilante' is on it's way, another great piece well put together, enough tempo changes, cool little riffs.. this shit is definetily not getting boring! 
Track 7 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' keeps the momentum going and just has a really cool vibe to it.. kind of dark and edgy. After this up tempo track 'Affinity' slows right down and is totally different then all other tracks I've heard so far, you can say they put their heart and soul into this one. Good job on the vocals too, very clean and pure! Don't think for a second that this is a ballad cause the thrashy sound and tempo returns later in the song. 'Screenplay' starts off with a pretty cool riff and makes you get that mosh around feeling again!
They leave the title track until last with 'Beware The Fury of The Patient Man' It begins with a creepy/eerie guitar intro, liking it! Then explodes with another tasty riff and a high tempo that will get your head banging. Hearing this track you can tell that you are listening to very skilled musicians, for me the best track on this disc, awesome!
After all is said and done and I heard the whole album, I must say I'm quite impressed by it, you can't find many proper old school thrash bands anymore but this is definitely one of them! Yes.. Destitution Kills Em All! If you like your metal pure, thrashy and old school this is a must have in your collection. 
I rate 'Beware The Fury of The Patient Man 8.5/10
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