Devoured Elysium – Untitled EP

24/05/2018 21:21

Devoured Elysium is a four-headed death metal / grindcore band from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Recently, on the 21st of January, the gentlemen released their first EP Untitled. We from Dutch Brutal / Death / Metal / Thrash had to oppurtunity to give this EP a spin. The tracks contain (among other genres) a very heavy dose of death metal and grindcore. Devoured Elysium has found its roots in the grind / poweviolence and metalpunk scene. Bands like Deicide and the old Cryptopsy in combination with more fast and technical Japanese bands such as Viscera Infest, Defiled and Terror Squad are the ideal sources of inspiration for creating their style. This package of inspiration is very well covered in the record. However, there are some downsides to the record as well. The songs are quite short. They might make them a bit longer in the future, especially because it’s an EP. The EP also lacks some variety. All in all it’s a solid first release though.

foto van Devoured Elysium.


1. Misanthrope Absolute

2. Necrocannibal Butchery

3. CH XIX: Completion

4. Acid Dream Ritual


Review done by Dirk Kremers | Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash NL