Dictated - The Deceived - Review

10/12/2014 17:09
Written by Ferry Wolters for 
Dictated is a Dutch brutal death metal band from Utrecht started by Sonja under the name Stone Squad. After some line up changes, Dictated found its basis in Kampen. The current line up is looking a little like this.
Guitar - Sonja
Guitar- Jessica
Vocals - York
(Session) Drums - Michiel vd plicht 
(Session) Bass - Henri Sattler
After releasing the 2008 Demo 'Suppressing All Who Refuse' and the 2010 full length 'Summary of Retribution' it's time for Dictated's latest release, 'The Deceived'
The groovy (intro) track 'Forced into Dismay' opens the door for 'This Is to All' which explodes out of the speakers with raging blastbeats and tasty mid tempo riffage, one thing is clear with a opener like this.. Dictated means business.
The third track 'No Absolution' starts off very heavy and groovy.. it has a old school death/thrash sound to it, very entertaining definitely liking this!
Next up 'The Basher' ..it's a stomping track, heavy grooves flowing into blastbeat madness. This would be great to hear and see live on stage, it will get the mosh going for sure.
'No Mercy for Cowards' is probably my favourite track on this album, it's heavy, it's brutal, great lyrics.. pretty much everything you want out of this type of genre, fuck yeah!
Track number 6 'Dispossession' picks up right where the last song ended, no slowing down just more in your face brutal metal. 
Onto the title track 'The Deceived' Damn, the vocals on this one are pretty fucking sick.. no high pitch screams, no sqeeals just dirty raspy death metal vocals all the way.  Loving it.. thumbs up!
The eigth track on The Deceived 'Stonebreakers Rising' is again well put together, the whole album sounds pretty damn good.. it's polished up well without it sounding over produced which is bringing a lot of bands down nowadays.
'They Live, They Suffer, They Die' was the first track I ever heard of their new album 'The Deceived' and I think it was a good choice to present this track to the world as an album teaser because it really gives you a good idea of what the "new" Dictated is all about.
To wrap it up 'Rail of Death' blasts out of the speakers, right away.. blast beats, crazy riffs.. awesome stuff, totally relentless and a worthy ending to this sick piece of metal brutality!
After all is said and done I'm satisfied with what I've heard from 'The Deceived' and it didn't bore me for a minute, there is plenty here to please the ears of many metal heads. It's brutal, it's refreshing, and it's Dictated's own unique style... I rate this: 8/10
If you're a fan of old school, brutal death or thrash metal I recommend you check this out.
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