Disuse - The Yeti Of Kad-Man-Ra

06/07/2018 21:01

So Disuse is a grindcore band from Leiden, South-Holland. The band is a young project but they’ve already released a demo, live EP, and two EP’s including this EP called ‘The Yeti Of Kad-Man-Ra’. The 2017-formed band is quickly making name in the Dutch scene and now even in the European scene. With young and great talented musicians, Disuse is armed and ready for bigger adventures.

With 14 songs stacked into 5 minutes, the average metal listener will not understand how that is possible but if you will listen to the older type of grindcore, you will absolutely know that it is possible to deliver quality in that short amount of time. Disuse is armed with one of the more known Dutch names in the grindcore scene. Rogier, you might know him from projects such as: Last Days Of Humanity, Krush and Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness. He takes care of the vocals in Disuse.

So, the EP is stacked with 14 songs. From the start on you will hear pounding blast-beat grindcore as you will expect from a mid-90’s grindcore band. This isn’t a tape you will put on in the background. It is a tape you will have to experience and go mental to. It will make you start a small mosh-pit in your room or wherever you are. The groovy and blast-beats a complied with the filthy lows and highs from Rogier are the perfect mix to go mental to. Yes there are a few songs where they ‘calm down’. With that I mean is that the fast paced music is getting groovier instead of just full on blast party. Disuse certainly knows when to tone it down during the 5-minute EP. With that I mean is that they keep you interested in the other songs. Sometimes you will lose interest if the band is just playing full on blast beats and nothing else but Disuse is making the right music at a time where pretty much no grindcore of this type is coming out of The Netherlands. It’s weird because The Netherlands were pretty much known for their Old School Death Metal and Grindcore back in the day. Disuse is ready to bring that back.

With putting out so much material, you would think they are making a huge mess but Disuse is getting better in their grindcore with every single release. That’s where you hear the enthusiasm that Disuse has. They want to play and release.

After seeing them play live last Friday, I finally know how intense Disuse play live. They put every single bit of effort in giving a sublime and energetic show. You see that they enjoy playing live and they will have more gigs very soon. So if you have the chance to see them play a gig around your area, please go and visit that show. They’re insane.