Dock 83 ~ Calm Days/High Waves ~ Review

03/10/2014 19:17
Written By Kerry Northover For
Dock 83 are a four piece hardcore/metalcore band hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Founded in January 2013, and later joined by front man Jesse Lakerveld in October that year, they soon got Chris van den Bor on board to play bass for the band. Joris de Jong is on drums, and he uses his toms, snares and cymbals in such a way that the crowd knows just when to mosh while guitarist Samuel Crans provides the melodies for Dock's mix of hardcore and metalcore.
Although Dock 83 haven't been around all that long, they have already been ripping up the stage regularly and they didn't waste any time in putting together their first 6 track EP 'Calm Days/High Waves'
Track 1 'Cold Denial' wastes no time in luring you in with a hypnotic riff and within seconds the vocals kick in with agression. This is just one of those tracks that please the ears immidiately. No intro, this track just throws you head first into groovy brutality and has a very cool breakdown that will have your head banging. Oh yeah... that's tasty.
Track 2 'Sight on Myself' begins a little more serene at first. But don't let that fool you, the fast paced action and high energy soon come into play. I like the unusual timing they used in this song, it really keeps you interested. Plenty to headbang to here.
The third track 'Raised By Rats' has got some sexy riffs.. which breaks into a kind of brutal happy atmosphere that I can't quite explain. Plenty of variety and tempo changes here to leave you wondering where this song is going to take you next then they throw in a brutal little breakdown at the end that will have you stomping around. This track will convince you that Dock 83 aren't just another hardcore/metalcore band... these guys do things differently, and it works.
Now on to 'Vanish' the fourth track on the EP and I'm really liking that guitar sound... groovy as. At times it sounds like the whole band are shouting together, man that would be so cool if they do that live, for I will be shouting with them! This stuff really gets your energy up and to me, that is the whole point of metal. To involve you, to make you feel, to release energy. I'm feeling it.
The fifth track is called 'Family' with guest vocals from Sven Lammens of the metalcore band 'From Heavens Expelled' I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It has this tune to it that is just hypnotising, and they blend brutal vocals through it perfectly. It just took me to places I had forgotten about... Great track this one.
The final track titled 'Walk Away' has just as much punch and energy as all the other tracks and is sure to be a crowd favourite. The mood changes throughout the whole song, it begins with spoken word over guitar and gains momentum until the mood changes...."walk away, never return, just walk away.." This song has to be about someone, because they sing it like they mean it!! It's like the song slowly gets angrier, it's great how they did that. 
Overall I must say Dock 83 have produced quite a tasty little EP and I'd also like to note that there are none of those screetchy vocals that I'm not a fan of, just brutal all the way. It's heavy, it's catchy and it's sure to be enjoyed by metal heads of all shapes and genre types. I don't even have a favourite on this album, you can just leave this CD in the player because there will be no skipping tracks here. 
If you like it groovy, brutal and heavy then this is the band you need to check out. As a whole I am very impressed by this EP, and I highly recommend you check it out if you are after some refreshing, brutal and catchy headbabging tunes!
I'll definitely be keeping my eye on these guys and look forward to a full length album in the future!
I give Dock 83's EP 'Calm Days/High Waves' a solid 8.5/10
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Thanks for reading my review, it was pleasure listening to Dock 83 and hopefuly it will lead you to discover these guys too! Enjoy, and keep head banging ;) \m/
~Kerry Northover