Emeth - Aethyr Review

29/04/2015 18:17
Written by Patrick Klos for:
- I Became Flesh and Dwelleth Amongst Thee
- Exterminate the Vacillating
- Aethyr
- Der Einsam Wandler
- Suffering Comes with thy Name
- Eidelons of Ash
- the Hour of the Great Contempt
- Wrath upon the Cursed
- Lama Sabachtani
- Serpents Walk as if Human
This is the fourth album of this Extreme Death metalband from Belgium, musically it's a mix of Immolation, Misery Index and Dying Fetus.
The first song starts of with an intro, then fully blasts into a full attack with blastbeats, fierce riffs and brutal grunts. 
From the beginning this band grabs you by the throat and not letting go during 'Exterminating the Vacillating' ,titeltrack 'Aethyr' and 'Der Einsam Wandler'. 
After these four brutal beatings the fifth song 'Suffering Comes with thy Name' gives you a breather for 10 seconds than pounds you back in your chair. 
'Eidelons of Ash' and 'the Hour of the Great Contempt' beat you up further till you need time for some rest. 'Wrath upon the Cursed' is a bit different from what we heard on the rest, because of the use of samples but all for a positive sound. 
'Lama Sabachtani' is an intro for the last song 'Serpents Walk as if Human' that sounds like it comes straight of a Nile album. 
This album is straight forward Death metal how it's supposed to be, hard, brutal and intense, good songs and great musicianship from these great musicians.
vocals: Boris Cornelissen
guitars: Matias Dupont
guitars: Alan Rawson
drums: Nico Veroeven
bass: Pat de Jonge
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