Endor - The Black Grimoire Review

07/02/2018 19:47

Let's start of with a look back at Endor's past cause what's remarkable is that they already started back in 88/89 by Glenn Scott and Bart van Wallenberg. Now.. about i believe 3 Demo's and 7 Albums later "The Black Grimoire" see's the light of day written and performed by Glenn Scott. The Albums first track is "When Darkness Comes" a groovy mid tempo riff leads you into a furious blastbeat which let's you know you're dealing with a brutal death metal album.The second track "Welcome to Your Hell" picks up where the last one ended, brutal death, killing riffs and sick vocals. Love the intensity on this album, track 3 and still no signs of holding back. After hearing some more of the album it kinda reminds me of earlier Morbid Angel.. Blessed Are the Sick and a bit of Covenant which is ment as a compliment of course. The last track "I'm Coming to Kill You" is probably my favorite one, it's short and not as fast paced as the rest of the songs but it's heavy as fuck.. my neighbours will be happy with me. All and all i think this is a great album and i recommend it to anyone that's into old school death and brutal death metal.


Review done by Ferry Wolters