Godsfarm - Solitude: Act 1 Review

31/03/2016 10:08
Godsfarm is a one-piece band form the Netherlands. Tijn is the creator behind the beast called Godsfarm. At the official Facebook/YouTube Tijn stated that Godsfarm is an avant-garde experimental deathcore band. That’s a mouth full and an experience on its self. So let’s dive in.
The 12-minute-ish ‘Solitude: Act 1’ is the first release of 2 upcoming records Godsfarm is going to release. The album begins with the song ‘Entomb’. You can say that this small 1-minute song is an interlude to what’s going to happen. Low tempo open string riff work by Godsfarm. The low guttural’s of Tijn are simply amazingly executed. 
We left of where we have started. Down-tempo is the core of this EP. But the element of atmospheric has been added in the next song ‘Infinite Lands’. An example of well executed down-tempo deathcore. It is funny how Godsfarm has added atmospheric elements to its songs. Usually down-tempo deathcore is boring and has got no sense. That’s a big plus for Godsfarm. 
Next up is ‘Solitude’. The title track has a surprise waiting for me. At the middle section of the song, Tijn surprises me with a small black metal screech and evolves into a titan vocalist after that high screech. A pleasant surprise from him.
Sadly, this EP has only 4 short songs on it but damn it is one of the heaviest releases from Dutch grounds this year so far. 
I’ve talked to Tijn about further releases and I understood that he is going to release several other releases this year and needless to say I can’t wait for more Godsfarm to spawn.
I reckon that Solitude: Act 1 deserves more attention from the metal community than he receives right now. I hope we can help to give Godsfarm the attention he deserves. A solid 8.5/10 for Godsfarm – Solitude: Act 1.
Infinite Lands
Passage To Alignment
Bonno Zwaan
Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash