Interview with Bas Gijzen about the comeback and future plans of Ecocide

02/06/2017 23:46

On the 21st of April you gave a comeback show with Ecocide in the Patronaat. Were you guys content with the first show and did everything go as planned?

Yeah as far as we were concerned it was great, aside from the last minute band and stage switches beforehand. It felt good to be on stage after such a long time and the crowd seemed enthusiastic as well.

You decided to come back. What is the reason you decided to give Ecocide a new future?

Actually we don’t have a specific reason for that, haha. We’ve always enjoyed playing music together and we felt like it was time to pick up the pieces.

Does it feel good to be back with Ecocide after quitting for two years? Does it feel different perhaps?

It feels exactly how it always has felt. Quite shitty that is.

Two years ago Ecocide fell apart, what was the reason for this?

Inspiration to create new music was hard to find and our personal music preferences drifted further away from each other as time passed. In the end we decided to just pull the plug before it turned to nothing.

I know you and Dennis play in Gorged together. Do any of the other members play in a different band as well?

Definitely, Sten plays with his new band Trickshot aside from his thousands of side-projects. Rick was a member of Field of Steel, unfortunately the band fell apart.

Are you all prepared to choose for Ecocide when you make it and are about to tour endlessly? Would you give up the other band(s) for that? Or would you still like to create music with them as well?

We’re honestly just in it for the money so if there ever comes a day we make it, I’m sure we’ll take the money and run.

Ecocide made a new start. Did you agree on doing things differently this time or are things the way they were before?

Pretty much the same as before. However, we decided to not limit ourselves anymore when it comes to different genres. Our new work might be a little bit different than our old songs. We do stick with the old Ecocide vibe though.

Did it take much to bring Ecocide back together or did you all agree on the comeback?

It happened quite spontaneous when hanging out one night at my place. At first our idea was to do a one time comeback show but it quickly grew out to be a real comeback.


Interviewed by Dirk Kremers - Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash NL (21-04-2017)