Interview with Max Hendriks (Drummer of Warborn Waste)

02/12/2016 10:41
Interview with Max Hendriks. Drummer of Warborn Waste
How did your passion developed for music?
I’ve always had passion for music. I’ve been through several periods where I listened to different music genres in my life. However there were always two genres where I consistently listened to. That were Rock and Metal. The thing that I love the most about that genre is that I am impressed how a rock/metal band can produce such energy on stage. One of the bands that I heard for the first time was Deep Purple. I’ve listened so much to that band because my dad used to play the Machine Head album a lot.
For how long are you passionate about music?
Since I was born, as far as I can remember. It is in my blood because my father was a guitarist and my mother is a singer. I guess that it isn’t weird that I ended up in music after all.
Which artist inspired you to make music?
In my case Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica. These band inspired me the most. Because I am a drummer I listen to the drums and those drummers inspired my enormously. The way that they still play at their age is unbelievable .I hope that I can be that good at that age.
Besides music, what are your other passions?
I love to travel, learning about history in any way and spending time with my girlfriend.
What’s your favourite record?
That has always been a difficult question for me so I’ve got to answer with several.
Nightmare – Avenged Sevenfold
Seventh Son of The Seventh Son – Iron Maiden
Death Magnetic – Metallica
Machine Head – Deep Purple
Passing Through – Chef’s Special
Death Came Through a Phantom Ship – Carach Angren
Beyond Heaven/Above Hell – Volbeat
Ultimate Sinatra – Frank Sinatra
Sacrament – Lamb of God
Absolution – Muse
Besides drumming in Warborn Waste, do you play different instruments?
Yes, I sometimes play bass and guitar. Next to that I recently started to play a bit of piano.
Have you played in different bands besides Warborn Waste?
Quite a lot. My first band was a cover band called The Shades. After that I was in a punk/rock band called Headshrinker. After that I took the drums in a metal band called Trail Of The Damned. The band stopped and not so long after our separation Warborn Waste was born. Besides those bands, I’ve done some stand-in gigs and some side projects.
How do you see the future for Warborn Waste?
I see a bright future. We are releasing our album April next year and we’re are planning a tour for that. For now, we are writing new songs and trying different approaches for writing process .
What are the current highlights for Warborn Waste in your opinion?
The best highlight personally is that we had the opportunity to play Metalcon. The bands that were on the bill were amazing. Korpse, Bodyfarm, Rectal Smegma, Facelifter just to name a few. During that gig, I met a lot of people which I feel very blessed that I had that opportunity . Besides that, it gives me a good feeling when the band gets a good review. Also, another highlight, was when we finished ‘Plaguefather’. The feeling when that song was finished, was indescribable.
Are there things you wanted to be different?
No, everything is an experience. Good or bad. I want to learn as much as possible so every way is the right way.
Alongside which band would you like to perform again or even go on tour?
If I had to choose it would be Bodyfarm. I’d love to go with them on tour if that was possible. I’ve talked a lot to the guys of Bodyfarm and I played with them twice.
Where do you guys get the inspiration for writing songs?
I guess everybody has his own. Since I’m on the Metal Factory school, I’ve been listening to several types of bands and I draw my inspiration from that. Before I was attending the Metal Factory school, I just made stuff up while listening to the guitars. My only requirement was that it had to fit with the music. Since the last song, we’ve been experimenting a lot. The reason for this is to know if a different approach works for us.
When do you know when a song is up to a certain level?
When we play a new song live, then we know if it’s up to a our level and expectations. You can’t fully feel that in the rehearsal room .
How did you guys came together and how did you all met?
I knew Laurens (Rhythm guitar) from my previous band and we wanted to start something new. Then we saw Victor (vocals) and Lorenzo (Lead guitar) who were searching for band members and long story short, Laurens ,Lorenzo, Victor  and I found Mick as a bass player and that is how we were complete.
Do you know your first error during a gig?
I forgot my drum-rug and during the show my drum-kit decided to move around 5 meters.
What do you like the most about yourself?
Curiosity is my best thing. This could be working against me as well. Also, I like to socialize. 
Did you teach yourself how to drum or did you took any lessons?
I’ve been taking drum lessons for 5 years now. Currently on school with Stef Broks (Textures) as my drum teacher
Which artwork of an album do you like the most?
I guess it is the latest album of Iron Maiden, The Book of Souls.
Are their promoters interested in Warborn Waste?
Not as much as we wanted but we are frequently asked to play in Den Haag, which is our hometown.
Imagine, if you were millionaire instantly, what would you do first?
Drive to a music store and buy gear for the whole band.
Final question, what is your favourite instrument?
Drums of course!
Written by Dirk Kremers