Live Review "Baroeg Rotterdam" Krisiun, Neocaesar, Obtrunction, Sepiroth

25/09/2015 14:45
23-8-2015 Baroeg, Rotterdam
Krisiun, Neocaesar, Obtrunction, Sepiroth
Written by Patrick Klos
On the 23rd of august this deathmetal event took place in the Baroeg, Rotterdam. Krisiun was touring Europe supporting their new album 'Forged in Fury' and were supported by 3 Dutch deathmetal bands.
At 16.00 o'clock it was time for Sepiroth from Sliedrecht to get the show started, supporting their new album 'Uninvolved'. Of the new album they played 7 songs,
kicking it of after the intro with 'Abandoned'. They play a mix of old school - and brutal deathmetal. In the 40 minutes they have, they play their 10 songs and the show was over before we know it. Maybe it's possible for the guys to move a bit more, it was a bit like there are 3 statue's on stage. But this is just a little thing, show was good same as the sound. Keep it going guys.
After Sepiroth it is time for Obtrunction from Dordrecht, they play a technical kind of deathmetal which is not really my cup of tea. So I stayed in the bar area, talking with some friends and with Mike from Neocaesar. As longer Obtrunction was playing they got my attention, but when I came to watch them they were already playing their last song. So my apologies for not watching more and I hope I can get a chance to see Obtrunction in the future.
So now it was time for Neocaesar, new band but lot's of deathmetal experience on the stage. This band exists out of former member's of the Lengendary Sinister, so if you like the early Sinister during 'Diabolical Summoning', 'Hate' and 'Aggressive Measures'. You must like Neocaesar with Mike (vocals), Michel (bass), Bart (guitar) and Eric (drums), after the intro they started with the song 'From Hell' , which already can be found on youtube. Then came 6 more new Neocaesar songs, that will be put on the debut album. Neocaesar played a good solid performance and they hope to release their debut album at the end of 2015 or early 2016.
So we will be awaiting this debut....................................................we at Dutch Brutal can't wait to hear it.
After these 3 Dutch deathmetal bands it was time for the Brazilians of Krisiun, but for the review of this performance you have to read it on another page. We only write for the Dutch bands, but I can assure you it was brutal enough \m/