Manic Demise Review - The Bitter Blood Of Brutality EP

19/02/2015 18:48
Manic Demise is a brutal death metal band from Australia/USA and formed in 2011.
With Johnny Helvete on vocals and Aaron Doust doing guitar, bass and drum programming Manic Demise is only a two man project but it's just as brutal if not more than any other death metal band out there.
Here on Dutch Brutal we usually only promote and review Dutch bands but sometimes we make an exception, because Manic Demise are not only talented, they are also great guys. 
But enough about that, let’s talk about the EP "The Bitter Blood Of Brutality" released in September 2014 and it’s their very first self released EP
The first track 'Femicide' starts off pretty damn groovy, very heavy and slow paced.
Followed by 'Septic Crypt' which just explodes out of the speakers, nice tempo changes WITH raspy deep vocals.. I really like the whole sound of Manic Demise, a great example of how brutal death metal should be sounding.
'Hematophagia' is up next, nice riffs followed by some blast beat madness.. this will definitely get the mosh pit going. Short yet brutal and powerful.
No time to slow down because 'I Know No Sympathy' is absolutely blasting, I love the whole concept of Manic Demise.. these guys just have a no bullshit, no gimmicks approach with just straight up brutal death from beginning to end. This is exactly how fans of this genre want it to be.
The next bomb just explodes 'Kill-Fuck-Die' this track is only give or take a minute long but I fucking enjoyed every second of it!
After listening to this my conclusion is Manic Demise "The Bitter Blood Of Brutality" is sick as fuck and leaves me wanting more, and I'm sure this EP is just the beginning of something great and epic. I really hope to hear a full album in the near future cause this shit tastes like more.. much more!
If you are into brutal death metal, I promise you it's worth checking out.
I rate this sick EP "The Bitter Blood Of Brutality" 9/10
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