Miasmata - Demo Review

12/12/2015 10:45
Miasmata – Demo
This Oss-based extreme metal band has been formed in 2009 by Tom, Pepijn and Willem. First Miasmata was a band that only played for fun and haven’t released stuff up till this 2013 release. In those 4 years the guys had some line-up changes and realised that they needed to get serious about Miasmata. They did and released they very first recordings on this demo recording. 
The Dutch brutal death metal scene is pretty much thin on new bands that love to play this genre. Miasmata is luckily one of the bands that loves to play this kind of genre. Although it isn’t the typical brutal death metal stuff you hear of Devourment or stuff like Visceral Disgorge, Miasmata puts their own inspiration into their work. 
Throughout the demo, you hear the love for the extremer metal bands that are out there. The gun, that’s called Miasmata, fires their shots at you with a ton of riffs and elements that remind me of slam breakdowns. 
Even though brutal death metal hasn’t got many guitar solo’s in it, Miasmata does manage to squeeze it in. After listening to the 4 songs, I release that this is a solid demo to start with. It gives a clear image of what Miasmata is going to do on their new record which is being record as we speak. 
Although I hear that Miasmata combines too many genres of metal into this demo. The demo has some parts were Miasmata is clearly searching for a style of metal they want to play. Of course this the first demo they release, but Miasmata can do much better in my opinion. This could be the best example of a band searching for a style they want to play. Not saying it is bad but I hope that Miasmata has found the style they want to play when the full length is being released. 
Miasmata has obviously a big potential and could be a new big face in the Dutch (brutal) death metal scene. All together this band has a f*ck load of potential and on the demo you hear that they’ve got the skills to release a dike of an album but they still search for the sound that they want. They are going to find it and this demo deserves an 7.5 out of 10.
Reflection Of Self
Tales of the Peony Lantern
Nothing Remains
Deranged Mind Trip
Written by Bonno Zwaan