Mother Of Sin - 3

15/04/2019 19:01

So, one of our loyal labels (BigBadWolfRecords) has send us another cd to be reviewed. The Frisian veterans of Mother Of Sin have released their third full length album called ‘3’. After releasing their first full length ‘Apathy’ in 2005, they’ve released their second one ‘Absolution’ in 2010, they finally released their third album in 2018 through BigBadWolfRecords and Headbanger Records. The veterans shall release their vengeance upon us so let's see what they have in stock for us.

So, Mother Of Sin have produced ‘3’ with 12 songs full of heavy metal. Even though they say that it is heavy hard rock, I can safely say that ‘3’ is filled with tasty heavy metal music. So let’s start with the first couple of songs. ‘Black Rain’ is the strong opener for the album and it has got pretty much everything a heavy metal music would love. Arpeggio’s are present how it should be on a heavy metal album. Filled with catchy riffs that nicely flow with the high X-Japan-ish type of vocals of the guitarist Eduard.

Keep that band in the back of your mind because Mother Of Sin have got a lot of influences from the god of Visual Kei. I guess with the next song ‘Human Nova’ Mother Of Sin would be able to get a hit during the popular times of Visual Kei in Japan. Amazingly vocals takes the song to a next level.

The whole album is filled with powerful vocals of Eduard. They really stand out on the whole album. It is very impressive that he does this while being the only guitar player in the whole band. What I also really like is that you can hear the bass loud and clear. As far as I know, is that Mother of Sin doesn't have a live keyboard player which is a shame because it would be really cool if they did.

Mother Of Sin is more than proud of this album and you can absolutely hear that from the enthusiasm that they've put into this album. The production sounds really good and the music sounds like it has been made by a lot more people than the three that are Mother Of Sin. More people should know about Mother Of Sin. Get ready for some old school heavy metal music with Mother Of Sin!




Black Rain



Human Nova









Sea of Flames



Dark Adrenaline



The Start of Everything



The Bitter End



A Departure






The Call



Everything Inside