Nachtval - Digital Album Demo - Review

30/05/2014 14:02
Written by Ferry Wolters (BSB) for
Nachtval is a 7 piece progressive black/folk metal band from De Bilt, The Netherlands. They formed in June 2012 and now in 2014 they have released their first Demo. Their music really takes on a life of it's own and could very well fit into any Tim Burton film with it's dark, almost magical vibe sung completely in their native tounge.
Nachtval is:
Thijs Weijers - Vocals
Florian van Tuil - Guitar
Bas Hofman - Guitar
Peter-Jan van Velzen - Bass
Yannick Smits - Drums
Arvid Vermote - Violin
Mark Oosterbaan - Keys
This 4 track Demo starts off with an intro, as you get hit by the sounds of blowing wind, rain and eerie keys.. it sets the mood right for what's to come and definitely fits the music.
'Banneling' begins with a nice riff and flowing tempo, the first thing that comes to mind is the band Finntroll and I think this has been a influence for them. The whole thing has a really cool atmosphere to it.. you can just picture the trolls dancing around a big fire.
Next up is 'De Onderlanden' it picks up right away where the last track left off and I must say, it sounds pretty fucking good for a Demo. I also like the vocals a lot, typical raspy black metal vocals yet understandable.. (if you know Dutch of course!) All lyrics are in their own language which gives it just that little bit extra. Even if you don't speak Dutch, you can certainly enjoy this.
The last song is the self titled 'Nachtval' ..usually I'm not a big fan of keys in metal music in general but Nachtval uses them in a good way, creating a very cool vibe/setting to their music. I'm feeling this track, it's a lot of fun! Nice mid tempo bits going into some furious blastbeats with creepy violin jams in the background. 
The whole Demo is well produced with a great sound. Listening to this demo from Nachtval you can just close your eyes, and you are in an enchanted forest.. to be able to paint pictures with music is quite a skill, just listen and let your imagination run wild.
Unfortunately this demo is all there is so far from Nachtval, but I'm looking forward to what they can do in the future with an EP or full length album. These guys certainly have a lot of potential because what I'm hearing on this demo is captivatingly enjoyable and I'm sure fans of this genre and those who appreciate skilled music will agree.
If you're into bands like Finntroll, Kampfar, Trollfest, Leshak and alike then I strongly recommend you to give Nachtval a go and check them out!
I rate this Demo 7.5/10
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