Project Pain - Trashed To Kill Review

06/05/2015 12:31
Written by Patrick Klos for:
- Betrayal
- Necrophiliac
- Piss on Your Grave
- Zero Tolerance
- Sent off to Die
- Fear the Reaper
- Flatline Invasion
- Thrashed to Kill
- At Dawn we Ride
- Taken by Force ( guestsolo by Josh Christian (Toxik))
Project Pain is a thrashmetalband from Amersfoort, The Netherlands. They play thrash influenced by Slayer and Testament, good thrash with melody and a little oldschool vibe in it. 
The thrash is not original, we heard this kind of thrash before. But it's played with enthusiasm and it sounds good, like you want thrash to be.
The vocals are nice and raw, songtitles like 'Betrayal', 'Fear the Reaper', 'Thrashed to Kill' , 'Necrophiliac', 'At Dawn we Ride' and 'Zero Tolerance' are coming out of the 80's feel, just like the lyrics seem to be influenced out of this thrash era. 
Taken by Force has an guestsolo by Josh Christian from Toxik.
So if you like the oldschool thrash from the 80's, then you can please yourself with this good album by Project Pain. 
Bauke Goudbeek : Vocals
Guido den Hoed   : Guitar
Kristof Mycka      : Bass
Niels van Lier      : Guitar
Frank Ruisch      : Drums 
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