Prostitute Disfigurement - "From Crotch To Crown" Review

07/04/2014 12:59
Review Prostitute Disfigurement - "From Crotch To Crown"
Written by Ferry Wolters (BSB) for 
This is one of those albums I've been looking forward to for quite some time, so after a 6 year wait since their last studio release, I'm keen to do this review.
For those of you that are not familiar with this band, Prostitute Disfigurement is a five piece brutal death metal band from Veldhoven, The Netherlands and they certainly have a decent amount of history behind them.
"From Crotch To Crown" is already their fifth full length album after having formed back in 2000. After some line up changes over the years and featuring ex members from other heavy hitters such as Centurian, God Dethroned and Toxocara to name a few, the line up on this album is Niels Adams on vocals, Mike Ferguson and Martijn Moes on guitars, Patrick Oosterveen on bass and Michiel Van Der Plicht on drums. Van Der Plicht has since left the band, as has one of the guitarists so they have recently been ripping up the stage with new drummer Doug Anderson and new lead guitarist Michael Philip Barber.
The cover art is just brutal, and a visual taste of what you're gonna get with this album.
The first track "Only Taste For Decay" instantly explodes at you like an atom bomb. No intro's no gimmicks, you get what you want out of Prostitute Disfigurement.. intense blastbeats brutal growling vocals, yeah this is a good start to the album.
"Battered To The Grave" is up next. Without losing any momento this one picks up where the last track ended. Half way the song you get treated to a pretty damn sick guitar solo, then the blastbeats pick up again.. I'm really digging this.
You may have heard the third track "Crowned In Entrails" before, it was released as a promo shortly before the album's release. The lyrical content is graphic and brutal... well... it's Prostitute Disfigurement singing about prostitute disfigurement. This track is a horror movie for your ears, you just have to check it out for yourself here:
Up next is "Dismember The Transgender" ..sounds a little different to what I've heard so far. It starts with a heavy riff with sinister sounding guitars which really captures the mood.. there are some nice tempo changes going on, from midpaced and heavy to hyper fast blastbeats. I fucking love this track!
Half way on the album we run into "Under The Patio" ..again a no nonsense approach, this is what you want as a fan of this genre.. brutal, sick, no bullshit death metal and Prostitute Disfigurement are delivering just that.
Track number six, the title track on this album is "From Crotch To Crown" and again,it throws you right into riffing blasbeat sickness.. I must say (the vocalist) Niels is doing a great job on this one, the vocals are very brutal and raspy yet understandable.
"Glorify Through Cyanide" is yet another piece of brutal gory creativity, leading to the next track "Set Forth To Annihilate" which goes from mid tempo groove with high pace bassdrum to blastbeat mania, it's impossible to sit still.. giving you the urge to windmill, mosh around and so on.
Track 9 "Compulsive Beheading Disorder" (gotta love the title name) is quite possibly my favourite song on the album, it's just brutal as fuck, love it.
This album closes with "Reduced To Stumps" and, like all the other tracks on "From Crotch To Crown" this one doesn't dissappoint either. This track sounds a bit more technical then the rest whitout losing any of the brutality. 
I heard some people talking shit about this album, but I really don't know what their issues are, this album is just plain fucking sick and brutal. It doesn't get boring, it keeps you interested, and it is Prostitute Disfigurement all the way.
If you're a fan of this genre this is definitely one to add to your collection, in my opinion Prostitute Disfigurement have delivered yet another damn great album.
As a final rating i give it 9/10
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