Review - Aratron - Darkness Is Coming

02/12/2016 10:49
Aratron – Darkness Is Coming Review
A Dutch band like Archgoat? Count me in! Aratron plays a combination of black/death/thrash metal. If you know Archgoat, you know what this album will sound like. A perfect balanced combination of 3 genres. After releasing 2 full length, Aratron surprises us with a whole new look. New logo, and a stunning artwork. Looks promising!
‘The Darkness Is Coming’ contains 8 songs of mayhem. ‘The Dark Curse’ is the opening-track of the album. It gives a good feeling and sound of what to expect even though this is the blackest metal track of the bunch. 
The second track ‘Primal Shrine’ gives you a great idea what I meant with the Archgoat comparison. Many headbangable moments are scattered throughout the whole song which makes it very cool to listen to.
After listening to the two previous songs either my speaker is terrible or the vocals really are distant in the mix of the album. That kind of bothers me by not properly hearing the vocalist screech. 
The song ‘The Outsider’ is more of a heavy metal/ blackened thrash song. I wouldn’t prefer it that way but it certainly has some sick riffs scattered across the song. Throughout the album, it came to me that ‘The Darkness Is Coming’ is more of a blackened thrash album than a black/death/thrash album. It has more elements of thrash then I’ve expected. 
Which isn’t bad but I’ve seen the album cover which prepared me on a black/death record instead of a blackened thrash record. The song ‘Driven By Evil’ has some chaotic blackened thrash riff work which sounds absolutely amazing. At the start of the album I started to review it like a blackened death metal record but now I’m reviewing it as a blackened thrash metal album. Life is full of surprises you know.
The whole album was full of surprises for me. Absolutely great and well produced songs are throughout the whole record. A good new step for Aratron. A beautiful new logo. A fresh new sound and a good new record. A solid 7.5 out of 10 from Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash
Written by Bonno Zwaan