Review Metalcon The Final Chapter !!

14/06/2017 18:21

Musicon, Den Haag NL | 20.05.2017 | Review done by: Dirk Kremers

Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash NL

On Saturday the 19th and the 20th, the last edition of Metalcon was being held at the Musicon venue in The Hague. Of course, Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash was at the Metalcon gig and decided to do this review in honor of Metalcon. Sadly, we couldn’t attend both days so this review will only be of Saturday.

foto van Metalcon.

Around 14:00, I arrived at the venue. 3rd Machine was building up their show and the atmosphere was calm. During the show of 3rd Machine, the venue began to fill up very well. During the show, 3rd Machine got a known guest vocalist in the Dutch metalscene. Jeffrey Rademakers from Spartan and Gorged crawled upon the stage and delivered a great show! The audience, however, had a rough time getting loose and moshy. Eventually the crowd began to loosen up and 3rd Machine left their mark on the final edition of Metalcon.

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After the show of 3rd Machine, the blasting boys of Contorted Mind were up. These guys are known for bringing brutal death metal to the stage. And boy they did. The whole audience enjoyed the show and so did the guys from Contorted Mind. Currently signed to the biggest brutal death metal label New Standard Elite, the future is looking bright for Contorted Mind.

foto van Contorted Mind.

Around 16:00, the next band announced their presence on the stage. This time it is Illusionless. You will have probably heard from the band by now because we share a lot of stuff from the Leidense-boys of Illusionless. The progressive death metal band played every song like they did on the record and it was a blast to see them live again. However, I wished I could’ve seen more songs but the play-time wasn’t that long, which was sad.

foto van Illusionless.

Again, a very promising Dutch brutal death metal band from The Netherlands. Dehumanization from Goes, Zeeland took the stage at 17:00. The guys are having a blast on stage, that’s for sure. With awesome gimmicks and atrocities, Dehumanization let the whole room turn into a big party. Without a doubt one of the best acts from Metalcon.

foto van Dehumanization.

Then it’s time for out Eastern brothers Begging For Incest. Formed in Cologne, the guys play a great style of (brutal) death metal. Bringing their immensely praised album ‘Finsternis’ to the Metalcon stage, the audience enjoyed every single second of their set. The whole set was short but intense.

foto van Begging for Incest.

At 21:00 the band The Modern Age Slavery began their set. The Italian boys brought their death metal to the stage. And guys, it was an awesome gig. Just by looking at the band, you can see that the band has a lot of experience and enjoys playing death metal. I really liked the guitar work and the drums with The Modern Age Slavery. They really know what they are doing and it’s always good to see a band that knows what they’re doing.

foto van The Modern Age Slavery.

To save the last for the best? Metalcon sure did that. The British band Ingested. Do I need to say more? The main-act drew the biggest crowd. Every inch of the room was filled with metalheads and sweat. Every single note Ingested played, was filled with heaviness and grunts from hell itself. All of the Metalcon visitors were amazed by the performance and after the gig, the fans took the stage and even hugged the band members of Ingested because they’ve enjoyed the show that much. I think there couldn’t have been a better ending to the Metalcon Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands.

foto van INGESTED.


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