Review Selfmachine CD Release

19/03/2017 22:11

Self machine CD Release show + 3rd Machine

Melkweg, Amsterdam NL | Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash

Review done by Dirk Kremers


Last Friday Selfmachine gave a concert in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. During this evening the new CD 'Societal Arcade' was presented to all the audience. 3rd Machine was given the honor to open the evening and already warm up the crowd for a promising evening. We of Dutch Brutal/Death/ Metal/Thrash were also present this evening to attend the CD release show Selfmachine, and of course to enjoy this evening.

About a quarter to eight we arrived at 20:00 into the room, 3rd machine kicked the evening. During the first act, the audience began to walk delicious full, there was considerable interest in both acts. And the atmosphere felt very good.was also clearly see that 3rd Machine really enjoyed the show, the audience was delicious reheated and it was done along nicely at the request of the band. Tracks from the successful new album "Quantified Self" were obviously not beaten despite a relatively short set. Unfortunately was guest musician "Jeffrey Rademakers' there in this show not because they played a pretty short show this he was told that he did not come along for this show. What we thought moreover, very sorry. The gig went further very well, also the band members afterwards received a warm applause and left the men back with a good feeling on stage. 

Around quarter past nine Selfmachine didst walk the stage, this time the new drummer was also announced by the band, which first show did this evening. Before the show started a brand new video clip of us first became even presented called "Giddy Up!". In brand new video came all kinds of fans Selfmachine screen, fans were also present on the CD presentation. It looked all very good, we were taking too excited about. When the clip was played in the hall, it took some time before the show really began but the wait was doubly well spent. Mr managed to create a super tight show at the Galaxy and yes the attendance was also sure many interested enthusiastic metalheads were headbanging good in the room and cheering along. Tight rough pounding instruments and a heck of a song captured almost the entire room. The show was between interspersed with some ballads and dance numbers thus the audience had the chance for some to dance during the show. It has enjoyed intense metal on this beautiful evening. The show lasted a good hour, and that time was spent by the thick band. Between the occurrence exchanges were warmly received by the band while they were also very grateful for the arrival of all the fans present. After the performance, the band got unwise much gratitude and appreciation by the audience. Many felt it was taking very unfortunate when members of Selfmachine arrived at their last song. Although there is still an encore was done at the request of the fans, the band at one point had to really know it was done again. After the show divided the members of the band are still here in the room to do some nice chat in the chat with all attendees while enjoying a nice cold beer. All in all a very enjoyable evening where we can look back with pride. In particular, the band itself.