Review The Devil's 3rd w/ The Mad Baron

14/04/2017 17:23

Extase, Tilburg NL 04.13.2017 | Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash

Review done by Dirk Kremers


Last Thursday I was invited to the performance of The Devil's 3rd and The Mad Baron, because I came back I missed the action Minions Of Doom. On arrival at half past 10 in the evening, The Mad Baron was still on the shelves in Extase, a band with a lot of volume and motivation. Around mid 11 The Devil's 3rd took the stage for a strong dose of thrash metal. Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash was present to report. 

On Thursday, April 13 was the turn of The Devil's 3rd, The Mad Baron and Minions Of Doom to infest the Extase in Tilburg. We can see that it was definitely a successful evening, with a lot of volume, beverage and headbanging. Because I was present later, I unfortunately have to miss the band Minions Of Doom. As a result, I can bring out a report on this band. So we go straight to the second act of the evening 'The Mad Baron'. On arrival, the men were already on the shelves, shouting the lungs out of their bodies. Also, the instruments were rehearsed, it was as we used to be a good performance again. However, during the performance there were technical noise problems with guitarist Gijs Jager. But that should not be fun. Incidentally Frank was in good voice, rough tracks which were interspersed with beautiful ballads. And during the show, the audience was also welcomed by the band. Even after the show fans were given the opportunity to speak to the members of The Mad Baron at the merchandise stand. Incidentally, I spoke after the show a few members of the band. Singer Frank was very curious in my opinion about the performance, I confirmed that I found it a very successful performance. In addition, details were released to me about a planned CD presentation, but more info is still available.

After The Mad Baron it was the turn of The Devil's 3rd. Taking the band pretty late leaves the stage, but that did not matter to us. Moreover, we had all the time haha, after a lengthy soundcheck the show could start. It was obvious that the guys again really looking forward to had, the band has recently again a new bassist in Django van Loon. This band is again complete. Django was otherwise previously regularly asked to fall in with the band. Because they could with difficulty get a new bass player. However they have still managed to find one. The set opened with the song "Flying Rats" solid opening song of the band. During the show was pretty solid beaten at 't podium. Then came the delicious anthems I Dictator and Bring It On by in the set. Before the audience was randomly one by one invited to shout along. During the time the songs were played French ran across the hall around to give people screaming with opportunity. Besides the familiar sing-alongs and demos that were played were also announced a new song called ‘Strokes Of Despair'. The song hit good with the audience and it was delicious and enjoyed geheadbangd. There was not a full house but there was a bustle. The fans were not short, and The Devil's 3rd knew as always make a nice party with a strong dose of thrash metal, beer and a great volume. Also there was still called at the end of the set for an encore and there was obviously heeded. One thing is sure The Devil's 3rd great for parties.