Review - Vicious Rumors And Martyr

19/12/2016 20:39
Vicious Rumors and Martyr
Little Devil, Tilburg NL 27.11.2016
Vicious Rumors and Martyr were performing together at the Little Devil in Tilburg. It is a little bit of a special announcement because Vicious Rumors and Martyr are both known bands in The Netherlands. Vicious Rumors ended the evening and Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash decided to take a look.
Martyr did open the show at the Little Devil venue which is at the same time a bar in Tilburg. Martyr existing from 2 guitarists (Rick Bouwman and Marcel Heesakkers) a drummer (Wilfried Broekman) vocalist (Rop van Haren) and a bassist in the shape of Jeffrey Bryan Rijnsburger. Upon arrival at the venue, it was already packed with a lot of fans. The Little Devil was flooded with enthusiastic fans from all over The Netherlands. Eventually the whole venue was sold out. Needless to say is that these bands deserved it. I arrived at around 19:00 and there was a cosy atmosphere of happiness and joy. Martyr was doing its soundcheck at around 20:00 Martyr started with their set. 
The audience slowly but surely became more enthusiastic and Martyr gave an almost perfect show. During the Martyr set, Nick Holleman (the vocalist of Vicious Rumors) paid a visit to the rockin’ Martyr’s for their new song ‘Monster’, which is of their latest record. They’ve played a great set to watch and with the catchy metal Martyr played, a worthy openings-act for Vicious Rumors. 
Around 20:45 the headliner Vicious Rumors took the stage. The Little Devil was one of their dates on their ‘Concussion Protocol’ European Tour. The Audience was already prepared for the pounding music from Vicious Rumors. The band began the whole show with their song ‘Digital Dictator’ from the album ‘Digital Dictator’. The whole audience liked to sing-a-long to the catchy songs and throughout the set, Vicious Rumors played new material from their latest release ‘Concussion Protocol’. The band was enjoying life at the stage of The Little Devil. The audience had a blast and the vocalist took a little moment to express his gratitude towards the sold out venue of The Little Devil. After the gig, Vicious Rumors gave the fans the opportunity to take pictures and sign some merch/cd’s. The fans were loving life and the band was doing the same.  A great evening for the fans and Martyr and Vicious Rumors.
Written by Dirk Kremers