Review Warborn Waste CD Release party

01/05/2017 18:41

Warborn Waste (CD Release party The Propeths Of Dishonour)

Musicon, The Hague NL, reviewed by Dirk Kremers, Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash

On Saturday the 22nd of April Warborn Waste presented their debut album  'The Prophets Of Dishonour'. The album presentation was a huge success, many interested and diehard fans came to check out the show. Besides Warborn Waste, there also played two other bands: Skullsuit and Onegodless. However, we from Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash came especially for the show of Warbon Waste to report back to you. 

I arrived around 9 o'clock in the evening at the Musicion in The Hague. When I arrived the groove metalband Skullsuit was warming up the crowd for Warborn Waste. As time passed the venue slowly filled up with more people.  Around 21:30, it was finally time for Warborn Waste to blow off the roof and yeah, they did that without any trouble. The crowd went wild and the evening was a success. The guys delivered a masterpiece full of energy, frustration and patience. For weeks they worked on the new debut album 'The Prophets Of Dishonour' and they succeeded. The fans were happy with the record and they showed it during the release party. The intro started, followed up by the opening and title track of the new album. They played the entire album and the crowd was pleased. Somewhere in between they played Pursuit Of The Vikings by Amon Amarth, sung and roared very well by the frontman Victor Weise. The whole set was played and presented perfectly. It was no secret that the guys were experienced and that the music flooded through their veins. I was really impressed. I went to multiple concerts of Warborn Waste before and the band just keeps growing. They really managed to put out a big show in the Musicon. What can we expect from them in a couple of years? It makes me wonder, because the success is there for sure. There were many interested fans. It's almost safe to say the venue might've even been too small for them. I'm confident they're going to make it. Perhaps we can expect them at Fortarock or Graspop in a couple of years. They have my and - I guess most fans - their blessing. We'll wait and see. For now Warborn Waste will do it all over along with Exhumed on Sunday the 18th of June in the 'Paard van Troje' venue. The other support acts this evening are going to be be Rectal Smegma and Procreation. Tickets will cost 15 euros. Make sure to see those guys live at least once in your life! They're worth it. Meanwhile I look forward to their next masterpiece. Patiently, haha.