Sepiroth - Uninvolved Review

18/03/2016 14:23
Sepiroth - Uninvolved Review
Written by Patrick Klos for
Sepiroth is an old-school deathmetal band from Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. They sound a bit like the old Obituary, Deicide, Immolation and Sinister.
Uninvolved is a concept album about the war in Yugoslavia in the early 90's , that's why the album cover is blue like the UN helmets.
All songs are dealing with all things that are going on in war, like hate, conflict and the pain and sorrow during the war. 
Vocalist Ben de Graaff ( also in Phlebotomized and Facade ), his voice sounds like a mix between Ross Dolan and Glen Benton. Heavy and brutal.
All songs tell a story of some part of the war, the only piece of rest on this album is the intro/ outro 11-13071995. Rest of the songs are just full on osdm, 
with musicians that do not show of their great skills. But they just keep it simple, just like Bolt Thrower does.
the only note of criticism is that the band could put the songlyrics with the album, so the guys can read the stories which are described with the songs. But that is just a minor thing. Other then this small thing, Ben, Chris, Vince, Julian and Damiën made a great old school death metal album and I hope they will continue making albums and playing live shows.
7.5 / 10
Ben de Graaff       : Vocals
Chris Both            : Guitar
Vince den Breejen : Guitar
Julian Schaap       : Bass
Damiën Kerpentier : Drums
Tracklist of Uninvolved:
1. Abandoned                                               7. Their Heads, Our Glory
2. Sniper Alley                                              8. Patrilineal Cleansing
3. Ten-Day War                                            9. Letters from the Unknown
4. Resolution 836                                        10. the Ethnic Divide
5. Breadline Massacre                                 11. Thousand-Yard Stare
6. 11-13071995