Shade Of Hatred – Invidious Revelations Review

12/12/2015 10:39
Shade Of Hatred – Invidious Revelations
Shade Of Hatred is a Dutch melodic death metal band from the city of De Bilt from the hart of Utrecht. Formed in 2011 by the members Florian, Yannik, Mark, Terry and Bas. Soon after that the band started to play live and a year later Shade Of Hatred released their very first recording in the form of a demo called ‘Thanatus’. That release was positively received by many websites and promoters. That release got Shade Of Hatred name in the Dutch metal scene and that automatically meant more gigs for the guys. 2013 was the most important year for Shade Of Hatred. A few line-up changes occurred and decided that a new release was vital. With their new idea’s the really wanted the next record to be perfect. That process took a long while because on April 8th 2015, the EP ‘Invidious Revelations’ was released upon the world.
This 8 song EP was a fact. After two years recording/playing gigs, Shade Of Hatred has delivered a record where many melodic death metal fans would go nuts of. They’ve certainly have developed throughout the years and since the ‘Thanatus’ release they’ve gained a lot of maturity in their song writing and musicianship. 
A pure melodic death metal record, that could be on that sticker that they put on the cd’s. Invidious Revelations is filled with amazing solo’s and riffs. With a great rasping vocal, Shade Of Hatred has a great vocalist that fits the melodic death metal perfectly. 
Impressive is the word you can relate to the record. Shade Of Hatred is able to combine sick guitar solos along with riffs that could help you into a neck brace. What’s funny is, is that (personally) the better songs are at the end of the record instead in the beginning of ‘Invidious Revelations’.  For example, the song ‘Aeon Of Indifference’ is in my opinion the best of the record. The sheer amount of riffs and ambience in that song is incredible. However, melodic death metal isn’t my kind of metal. But I do acknowledge the musicianship that Shade Of Hatred has to offer. 
With that in the back of my head, I decided to take a leap of faith and review ‘Invidious Revelations’. It was an eye-opener what melodic death metal has to offer. The melodic death metal of Shade Of Hatred deserves an 8 out 10.
Tale Of Erida
The Accused
Price Of Xenophobia
Aeon Of Indifference
A Merciless Faith
Written by Bonno Zwaan