Shinigami - The Arcane Order - Review

18/12/2016 18:32
Shinigami – The Arcane Order
Shinigami, a band that I’ve (honestly) never heard about. Not in a negative way but it is always a surprise to hear there are more Dutch bands around than you think. Shinigama has been formed with former Orphanage singer George. Other members were members of Detonation, Silicon Head, Pleurisy, Grindpad, Tribal Spirits, Cavitation and Bloodphemy. So, every band member has a ton of experience. That makes the expectations high. 
‘The Arcane Order’ has 6 tracks ready to unleash upon me. Based on the first minute of the first songs ‘Ronin’, I know that this is going to be a modern metal release. Influenced with metalcore, Shinigami pours out the catchy chorus with can be sung along to. ‘The Way Of The Dragon’ is the next song on ‘The Arcane Order’. Compared to ‘Ronin’ this song is way more upbeat. Shinigami sure knows how to make a chorus catchy. After two or three listens, I can hear myself yell ‘The Way Of The Dragon’ in my head.
‘Order Of The Blade’ is next up. What immediately stands out is the perfect executed sweep-picking method. After the two previous songs, this is a good refreshment to hear. If the record was going to be all monotone than it would be given a whole different sensation. ‘Concubine Of Madness’. Judging by progress throughout the whole record, ‘Concubine Of Madness’ is just like ‘Order Of The Blade’ more catchy than the first two songs. This is the style of Shinigami that I like prior due the songs ‘Ronin’ and ‘The Way Of The Dragon’. The difficult solo’s are a pleasure to hear during the pounding riff work and drum beats. 
雨夜 is a beautiful executed instrumental piece between all the controlled chaos that has been going around the whole ‘The Arcane Order’ album. With the usage of ancient Asian instruments, 雨夜 is also joined by an amazing piece of cello. It just fits the whole atmosphere of the album. Onto the last song on ‘The Arcane Order’. ‘Defiance’, The five-minute beast that I my favourite song on ‘The Arcane Order’. Especially the vocals on ‘Defiance’ standout. The small but impressive low grunts are a pleasure to listen to. ‘Defiance’ gives ‘The Arcane Order’ a worthy end. With a beautiful 雨夜-like ending to the album, 
Shinigami has produced a modern metal record that is a good listen. If I would give ‘The Arcane Order’. A 7.5 out of 10. It does have some improvements for me but throughout the album, Shinigami have improved a should keep going that way. 
Written by Bonno Zwaan