Sinister - The Post Apocalyptic Servant (Review)

25/07/2014 14:03
Written by Ferry Wolters for 
To start off with.. I'm quite excited to write a review for this album and this band, Sinister (Schiedam, The Netherlands) was definitely one of the bands that got me into death metal and other brutal genres. I remember getting the "Perpetual Damnation" (1990) demo from a friend way back in the day. This was the first thing I heard from Sinister and I pretty much followed them from that point on.
Now.. 11 full studio albums later and with this current line-up...
Adrie Kloosterwaard - Vocals
Dennis Hartog - Guitars
Batiaan Brussaard - Guitars
Mathijs Brussaard - Bass
Toep Duin - Drums
I now have the pleasure to listen to "The Post Apocalyptic Servant"
After a short little intro "The Science Of Prophecy" just bursts out of the speakers with brute force, raging blastbeats insane riffs and proper death metal vocals. It lets you know that Sinister is still going strong and are very much alive!
Track 2 "The Macabre God" picks up where the last song ended, no bullshit no compromises just honest, brutal old school death metal. "The Sculpture Of Insanity" is another heavy tune, and I'm impressed by the raw vocals and the whole sound of this album. It's polished, but still has that raspy/raw edge to it, as it should be with this genre of metal.
"The End Of All That Conquers" is the fourth track on "The Post Apocalyptic Servant" and conquers it does... fucking HELL this track is sick. Amazing riffs, tasty grooves.. if this doesn't make you move, mosh around and bang your head then.. well as somebody once said 'walk on home boy!' So far my favourite song on this album.
"The Masquerade Of An Angel" begins with the typical old school Sinister riffs and has nice combination of slower ultra heavy grooves and furious blastbeats. Yet another awesome track and I'm enjoying every bit of it! 
Next in line is "The Dome Of Pleasure" which flows right into it, I'm impressed by the drumming on this track.. hyper blastbeats, superfast bass drum, very skillful indeed.
Time for the title track "The Post Apocalyptic Servant" ..fuck, there is no slowing down on this album.. it's like non stop bombardment of death metal goodness, love it!
Next up is "The Art Of Skin Decoration" ...I like the title, very tasty! And tasty it is, I can talk about it all day but sometimes you just have to listen to it, this is just one of those tracks. More amazing riffs, high tempo drums and hypnotizing solos.. not to mention the brutal vocals, Adrie is spitting black bile on this one.. fucking sick!
Which brings me to "The Saviour" ..very groovy beginning, followed by indeed.. more blastbeats and high pace riffage, keep it coming! The last track "The Burden Of Mayhem" is just as brutal as the rest of this amazing album. It's like time froze and I'm listening to Sinister from the 90's which is totally ment as a compliment, as I personally enjoy their early albums the most. 
Just when you think it's over there is still a nice little surprise left for you.. 3 surprises even. The final 3 tracks Sinister cover Morbid Angel, Paradise Lost and Agent Steel.. all done of course with a lot of precision and brutality.
Anyone that enjoys brutal old school death metal, old Sinister, new Sinister whatever... get this album!!! It's a must have for every brutal metal fan out there.
I rate this album 9.5/10
Final thoughts.. I'm very pleased that there are still bands out there like Sinister that know how real death metal is supposed to sound, horns up!
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