Tarnkappe - Winterwaker Review

14/01/2017 12:49
Review Tarnkappe - Winterwaker
Scandinavian black metal from Dutch soil. 
That is what Tarnkappe their new release “Winterwaker” brings us. An album that is as straightforward as it can get from the first moment the music kicks in.  
The record reminds me of how the 90’s Scandinavian black metal scene created their sound back in the day. It brings out the spirit of the greater BM titles of the past, such as ​Gorgoroth ​ and ​Immortal ​ , but drenched in a brew of their own authenticity. The album comes with a nice dose of mean riffs and blasting drums to keep your ears pointed. I mean, sometimes you don’t need anything more than a good collection of these elements, right? The vocals are crisp, rasp and I think the fact that everything is spoken in Dutch adds a little extra identity to the whole package. Some of the songs stand out for me such as ​‘Aan De Aarde Bebonden’ ​ , because it brings across that blackened 90’s sound I mentioned earlier that we all crave for once in a while, or all the time for that matter. And even though ​‘De Hal Van Het Geheugen ​ ’ is the shortest track on the album, it certainly got some shivers out of me. 
A thing that astonished me is that this band doesn’t need any extra instruments or sound clips to add atmosphere to their music.  This is definitely a band that I want to see on stage, because if they bring their music across as how I envision it in my head, it would make my skin crawl with eerie pleasure. For anyone who wants to relive the good old darkened days of the 90’s, or anyone who didn’t get to experience these golden times, you can’t go wrong with this record!  
Rated: 7.5 
Written by Zina Koning