The Subliminal - Relics

26/12/2018 17:51

So a while ago, The Subliminal send Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash a message if we are interested in reviewing their debut EP ‘Relics’. Their style is modern death metal and you should compare it with a mixture of Static X and Lamb Of God and Black Dahlia Murder. A little bit of nu-metal can be found in the mixture as well. This is actually their very first release beside 2 singles which they put out in 2016 and 2017. They decided to re-do their old demos and singles and make a solid EP. So the EP finally dropped in 2018 and is called ‘Relics’.


Beginning at the beginning, we start with ‘Lowlife’. A suiting name to start an EP. Starting with a melodic metalcore-ish sound and fans of false chords will not be disappointed by ‘Lowlife’. With a good and powerful beginning of the song will get you pumped for more. With a catchy chorus with the lyrics ‘Take a good look around’ the song is bouned to be in your head for a certain period of time.


Progressing through the EP, you will mostly hear the death metal mix with groove metal more and more. You could say is that they took some inspiration from the lesser technical riffs of Gojira and Lamb Of God and mix it with modern day metalcore like Asking Alexandria. Vocalwise I can’t find a good vocalist that will fit the style that Milan (vocalist) produces. He has a very good midrange growl which mixes great with the style that The Subliminal is playing.


But with every review I have to give some critisism on what the band could do better and that is exactly what I am going to do with The Subliminal too. So the drums could be a little bit more experimental rather than coming back on the same drumming paterns that I hear during the EP from time to time. The riffs can be a bit dull sometimes but The Subliminal compromises that with some melodic parts that this EP needs. The EP wouldve been a lot different if they didn’t have those melodic parts in it.


In their biography they say that they could be compared to Lamb Of God, Black Dahlia Murder and Gojira. I can agree at some parts I can hear the comparisson with Lamb Of God but not with Gojira. Gojira is in my opinion more technical than what The Subliminal now is. At certain points during the EP you can hear the talent the band has and you will also hear the endless possabilites that the band has. I hope that The Subliminal will have more technical riffs and drum paterns on their later releases and hopefully they will release a full length next year because the band certainly has potential to become a pretty good sized band in The Netherlands if they will add a bit more techincal aspects in their music.