This Is The End with An Evening With Knives

21/08/2017 19:34

On Saturday night the 22nd of July, An Evening With Knives put on a show at the Crustbar in Eindhoven. Despite some technical issues with the drums, the band gave the audience a great show with their stellar sound. The event was scattered throughout multiple building that were really messy. During the day, several bands played through 6 venues including the Crustbar. At arrival, we walked into a living room where An Evening With Knives would play. This was the very first living-room gig for the band and it certainly was going to be a highlight. 

After some delay, the night for An Evening With Knives started around 22:00. During the first song, some problems occurred with the drumkit. The guys intervened the show and started again like there wasn’t any trouble. During the songs, the guys performed at their best. Beautiful melodic instrumental work and the vocals were on point this gig. The guys from Eindhoven draw a filled room despite the heat. The guys sure know how to entertain a crowd through their music. They’ve proven that again at the Crustbar. The band is currently in the studio for their debuut full lenght album.We hope that Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash can review this very soon.

foto van Dirk Kremers.

Review done by Dirk Kremers | Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash NL