Urfaust - Empty Space Meditation Review

01/12/2016 15:32
Review - Urfaust - Empty Space Meditation 
There’s always those bands that have this solid spot in the scene and show their face with a new release every once in a while. ‘Urfaust’ is one of these bands with their new album ‘Empty Space Meditation’. After their last EP ‘Apparitions’ that had this distinct ambient sound, they’ve created this piece that completely stands on it’s own. 
Urfaust is a band that has put out a lot of work throughout the years. They have put their own stamp on their music, but also experiment with implementing new sounds and atmospheres. As for ‘Empty Space Meditation’, I think it’s one of those albums where they’ve combined the old and new into something that plays out really well. Both the spherical effects and ambient sounds combined with instrumental bashing and rasp/deep vocals are covering the whole experience. When I first listened to the intro of the album I wasn’t sure if this was going to be another “might-as-well-use-this-to-do-yoga” album, just like the last one was, only to discover quickly that this in fact wasn’t the case. ‘Meditatum II’ took me by surprise from the direct start with the eruption of bashing drums and eerie vocals. The serenity that I experienced in the previous song was immediately crushed, however there is this constant spherical presence throughout the whole album that keeps it somewhat light and ethereal. The next song has a more tuned down tempo which makes it feel more sludgy and heavy. I’ve got to say that it’s the tempo that keeps the variation alive, more than anything else. However, I really appreciate the presence of Black ‘n Roll in ‘Meditatum V’. Especially the drums make this track worth listening to over and over again, as it gives the energy boost the album needed to keep me on my toes. The last song leaves you in a dreamy state with the use of sitar-like sounding guitar and vocals that still echo through your head even after finishing the album.
‘Empty Space Meditation’ is a good, well-produced and mostly comfortable album. It isn’t refreshing, and i don’t think it really needs to be. Most of us listen to this band for the reasons that can be heard on this whole album and that’s what makes this album pretty much a staple in your ‘Urfaust’ collection. 
Rated 8/10
Written by Zina Koning