Warborn Waste - The Prophets Of Dishonour

04/11/2017 11:30

Warborn Waste – The Prophets Of Dishonour

Dutch Brutal /Death/Metal/Trash | Date: 27.07.2017 | Reviewed by: Dirk Kremers


Warborn Waste brought their first debut album named ‘The Prophets Of Dishonour’ into the light. A record the gentlemen worked on long and hard has become a fact. The record was released on the 22nd of April 2017 and it’s a real work of art.

Rating: 9

‘The Prophets Of Dishonour’, an album were many looked forward to and has been released a while already, has become a fact at last and consists of 8 tracks. The gentlemen put a lot of energy into the record and has become a real masterpiece. ‘The Prophets of Dishonour’ bangs off a heavy dose of modern death metal onto your eardrums and brings 36 minutes of musical pleasure. The opening track starts off with heavy pounding drums and guitar solo’s, alternated with slow and fast riffs. Followed by the harsh and raw vocals of Victor Weise. On the entire album the slower and faster riffs alternate between each other and the vocals are on point. There is also a whiff of prog to be heard on the record and we hear musical influences by Slayer, Thy Art is Murder, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Korpse, Death, Obituary and Carcass. They managed to combine this package of artists as inspiration. And we can hear that clearly. There’s also raw and catchy drumsolo’s to be heard and nice heavy metal guitar riffs. In short, the record has been flavoured with tasty ingredients and the total package comes out of the paint well. We can hear the gentlemen know what they’re doing.

The sleeve of the record looks good as well by the way. The illustration is thought out well and shows it’s about serious music. Again, we’re head over heels because of this record.

Recorded by: SBL Music Productions / mixed by: René Bijlsma / Mastered by: Joost Lobbes / Lyrics: Warborn Waste / Artwork: Roberto Toderico / Label: their own



1.      The Prophets Of Dishonour

2.      Scavengers

3.      Omnipresent Homicide

4.      A Deed Of Vengeance

5.      Exile

6.      Faith Unseen

7.      Plaguefather

8.      Abysmal Extent