Where Maggots Feast - selftitled EP review

30/09/2017 20:44

Where Maggots Feast have released their very first EP. The first few minutes really were appreciated. Musically-wise, the band really knows what they’re doing. The drums and guitar really stand out. During the EP, the fast and slow guitar change often. It gives the record a nasty old school death metal vibe. Sadly the vocals aren’t really my thing, maybe it is because I think it’s a little sloppy here and there. But throughout the EP, there are some moments where you can hear good moments vocal-wise. After listening to the EP for a few times, I concluded that these guys aren’t experienced musicians so far but have got potential to be a great band! With some little changes here and there, the band can produce a very good follow up record after ‘Where Maggots Feast’.

Rating: 6,5. 

Recording: Pauls Place | Release: 15 juni 2017 | Music & Lyrics by: Where Maggots Feast


Review by Dirk Kremers | Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash NL