Wrang - Domstad Swart Metael

29/01/2019 17:33

The band Wrang hailing from Utrecht in The Netherlands plays black Metal with Dutch lyrics. The band has several members in other bands like Iron Harvest.
Before this full length, “Wrang” delivered a demo and two splits.
“Domstad Swart Metael” is the first full length of Wrang and if you are into black metal you should be thrilled to listen to Wrang's first full length.
The album starts of with a very nice and groovy track. After a fast start, the song slows down a bit to continue with a groovy part. Armed with rasping vocals, fast blast beats and even a piano make sure you will get in the mood for what is yet to come.
Soon you realize that the production fits the music really well.
For the song  “Propaganda Der Afvalligen” the band chose a more doom stiled approach. As the song continues they pick up the pace and some very nice clean vocals can be heard, they also use all band shouted vocals something that fits the music really well.
What i really like about this release is that besides the gloomy and grim darkness they are not afraid to use some Heavy Metal stiled riffing, this happens somewhere in the middle of “Stormend Naar De Nietigheid”.
This a very nice Dutch black metal album full of blast beats, tremolo picking, screams, clean vocals and chants.
I can honestly say that a recommend this album to everyone who is into black Metal.



Written by Marcel Tjepkema