Interview with Dennis Winkel, bass-player of Subcenter

How did your passion start for music?

Thanks to my father. I heard a lot of symphonic rock like Marillion, IQ, Pink Floyd, Genesis etc. When I started to listen more and more to it, it lead to where I am right now.

How long do you have this passion?

I guess 10 years by now.

Which artist inspired you to make music?

Difficult question, in primary school I had a project called ‘Music In Class’. Then I had some guitar lessons. After that I started taking regular guitar lessons, so you can’t acredit an artist. In High School I heard a cover of Seek And Destroy of Metallica and then I started to get into the metalscene.

Besides music, what other passions do you have?

Just the regular things like hanging out with friends, reading and watching movies.

What is your favourite record?

I don’t have a favourite. But I do listen a lot to Disturbed – Immortalized, Ice Nine Kills – Every Trick In The Book and Affiance – Gaia. And I don’t like specific records. I just keep everything on shuffle.

Besides playing bass, do you play other instruments?

Yes I started playing guitar and then bass. I used to try keyboard but that didn’t went well. I really want to pick up drums and take lessons but that’s for the future.

Have you played in other bands?

My first band was Antoria. Sadly that band didn’t work out but the vocalist is now the current vocalist of Shadowrise. After Antoria I was in a band called Severance.

How do you see the future of your band?

I’m currently in two bands. A progressive metalband called Subcenter and a power metal band that hasn’t got a name yet. The power metal band is just fun and games right now but we really want to start performing in the future! Subcenter is a bit more serious I think. We really want to perform and want to bring out an album!

What are your highlights?

My first gig with Severance and the first practice session with Antoria. Those are memorable.

Are there things you want to do different?

Yes! Perform asap! Sadly, we don’t have enough material for that.

With which bands, do you want to play live?

Let’s talk bigger bands. Sabaton and Iron Maiden, but that isn’t realistic.

Where do you come up with ideas for songs?

Everywhere, especially from our own instruments. You grab your guitar and just do something. Sometimes it looks like an existing song but then you just scrap that riff.

How do you know when a song is good?

If its still fun after 5 times, then we know it is a good song. I like to play music for myself and I hope that other people like that.

How did you guys get together?

I shall answer this in two parts: The power metal band: Tim and Coen have been my friends for over 12 years now I think. Silvijn is a friend of our group. Subcenter: I knew Frans from our gigs with Severance and Disaster Crew where he is part of. We were talking about music and he told me that he would love to start a progressive metal band. I’d liked that idea. He already started something with a drummer called Dennis. When we were jamming, everything went well. Besides that, the other members we found on a website called Then we all met in Rotterdam in our practice room.

What was your first blunder?

I haven’t had a big blunder to be honest. Once I didn’t press the distortion pedal and I was missing all of the distortion I needed but nobody really noticed that.

Which things do you like about yourself and which don’t you like?

I’m very open and driven about everything. But the driven part could work negatively for me. Example: when I was with Severance, they wanted to slow down and I did not liked that so I was too fanatical about that. I could get over enthusiastic you can say.

Have you learned to play bass by yourself?

Like I said, I started playing guitar and I often brought my bass to the lessons but from there on I learned from sheet music.

Which artwork do you like the most?

 I do have several. I really like the one of Borknagar – Winter Thrice. Every time I look at it I see something new. And I really like the concept of Kingdom Of Giants – Ground Culture. I like the meaning behind it. Time kills with the guillotine.

Are there people asking for your band?                        

No, because we haven’t start playing live yet.

If you are a millionaire, what would you buy first?

Get in the car and drive to Musik Produktiv in Germany and buy everything they’ve got. A person can’t have enough instruments. And after that I’ll buy a house to store all the instruments.

Which instrument is your favourite?

That’s difficult. Every instrument has its aspects. I think I see every instrument on its own.


Review by Dirk Kremers | Dutch Brutal / Death / Metal / Thrash