Review Sinister cd release party with Dauthuz & Spartan

P60 Amstelveen NL | 02/18/2017 | Dutch Brutal / Death / Metal / Thrash

Saturday february 18 the band Sinister gave a CD release party in P60, Sinister presented the 13th studio album called; 'Syncretism'. For the program was provided by the bands' Dauthuz and Spartan, we of Dutch Brutal / Death / Metal / Thrash were present to bring out this evening to report and to enjoy these acts.

We arrived around half past eight on-site, at half past eight the doors were opened at P60 and at 8pm Spartan kicked off the evening. Spartan is a five-man Power / Death metal band from Haarlem and comprises; Jeffrey Rademakers (vocals), Mike van Bekkum (bass), Nick van Beusekom (Guitar), Pieter Vink (guitar) and Frank Bos (Drums). The band was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Rademakers. The band draws inspiration from Greek gods and mythologies, in 2009 the band has released an EP called; 'For Glory' later, the first debut of the men called; 'The Fall Of Olympus addition, the band has a number of tours made by Europe, they also have occurred among other metal greats Rotting Christ and Moonspell and thereby done a mini tour of England last year their debut album' The Fall Of Olympus to present. After a brief weekend tour of Lyon, Barcelona and Madrid with Saille was this evening's turn to bounce P60. During the show began to increase slowly crowds in the hall, the men had clearly observed very excited to bounce P60, although the atmosphere was still pretty quiet in the room knew Jeffrey, Mike, Peter, Frank and substitute Silas (theNAME) again to set a tight show. In the audience a good game power / death metal was played, the setlist was otherwise quite short this evening because there was available a playing time of half an hour. But that did not spoil the fun because the songs that were on the set were almost the hardest and the best.Moreover, there are only numbers on this night were played on the last album 'The Fall of Olympus, the best work that these guys have been delivered so far. Despite the huge hangover Jeffrey Rademakers had this evening confirmed the band that the show was quite successful this evening.also enjoyed the audience, this is confirmed again that Spartan really is worth to give a nice evening the audience that they have been able to prove this evening again. Incidentally P60 is familiar territory for the men because they are here once more played so was this evening in hindsight quite a breeze for them especially when opening act.

Around 9 o'clock entered the members of Dauthuz stage. Dauthuz comes from Zaanstad and is a five-piece metal band consisting of; Manoloxx (vocals), Dennis James (guitar), Hans Bijland (guitar), Tim Roeper (bass), Nick de Vet (drums). The members play Old School Death Metal. Dauthuz also managed to set a tight show at P60 and entertain the audience excellent. The band released a wonderful Old School Death Metal sound played in the hall, and everything was put on everything to make an unforgettable show. During show there was just a little misunderstanding by the band because suddenly the wrong number was stitched by the members. This was quickly corrected and the show continued, even these guys have managed to prove to P60 are in place.

Around 10 pm it was time to Sinister, the band consists of; Adrie Kloosterwaard (vocals), Dennis Hartog (guitars), Batiaan Brussaard (guitars), Mathijs Brussaard (bass) and Applicable Dune (drums). The band was founded in 1989 and during the existence of the band followed various live shows through Europe. The debut album "Cross The Styx" was sold worldwide and early 1992 saw the light. The band has among others with Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide toured. Later the band got more and more popularity throughout Europe and a very successful tour consisting of 55 shows by the release of their second and third album 'Diabolical Summoning (1993) and Hate (1995) and doing many live shows in America . Last Saturday it was the turn to P60. The area was already well stocked for the CD presentation.the wait was over and there is a tight and solid death metal sound was played in the hall. Sinister started with some old work to brand new material followed by the album 'syncretism'. In the hall the atmosphere was still pretty quiet but was fully enjoyed the show.more than an hour Sinister had the opportunity to give all they had in themselves and from that time was made heavy use. It looked into our eyes as a successful CD presentation. The band members have really done their best to their fans to deliver a great evening. From different parts of the country and abroad gathered fans in P60.


Review by Dirk Kremers